Sunday, October 16, 2011

Writer's block or just stuck in the mud?

Sadly, I've been too busy with my day job to stop in and write anything.  Fortunately, I have been hard at work on another new book.  I've got the story worked out in my head.  I know where it's going and I'm pretty sure I know how to get there.  Right now, though, I'm in one of those in-between places.  I know where I'm headed to next, but just can't seem to find the words to get me there.  It has taken me two weeks to write about three or four paragraphs of text.  I don't think I'm blocked, I'm just stuck.  The tires of my brain are stuck in the mud, and I need a lift to help get me out. 
The strange thing is, it's these sticking points that make me proud to do what I do.  When I'm finished with a book, I don't remember all the stress that it caused me when I got stuck.  I tend to forget the pain I felt as I sat in front of the screen watching that cursor blinking in a taunting fashion.  I don't dwell on those moments, but instead enjoy the feeling of conquering them all.  When I'm done, the only thing I can think about is how amazing it feels to have completed a book.  I love that feeling, and if I have to get stuck in the mud a few times...well then I'm going to enjoy the mess!