Thursday, April 5, 2012

To free or not to free, that is the question...

Much to the delight of my bank, anyone I owe money to, and of course me, I got my biggest royalty check recently.  January was a very good month for me!  I've heard talk of that time of year being a big one for book sales, mostly because of all the new Kindle owners just itching to fill their devices with books.  I choose to believe that it was a good month for me because word had spread about how wonderful my books are.  (Please note that I am being silly! No way am I that conceited or deluded about my writing abilities!)  Honestly, I believe that one of the reasons I did well during that month is because I had several free giveaways going on during that time.  Also, I had a huge free promotion in December and it sparked some return free downloads the following month.  February wasn't quite as successful as January.  March was a little better but still nowhere close January. 
Now it's a new month, my favorite month by the way, and I'm trying to decide if I should do another free promotion or just take a month off.  It's only the 5th of the month and sales are moving, but I'd like to see more happening.  'A Week at the Beach' is by far my most popular book in the US (not so much in the UK...probably because of that awful 1 star review even though one of my friends graciously wrote a lovely 5 star review to balance it out)!  Plus, it's starting to get warmer and plenty of people are busy dreaming of summer and a visit to the beach, so it seems to make sense to offer that one up for free.  I can do a two-day free promo for this weekend, or I can wait until next week (when I automatically enroll in KDP Select again) and do an even longer duration. 
Of course, I could be super generous and do both...what do you think?

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