Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coming soon...

So, I've decided that I need to branch out and reach a wider audience. My first thought was to try and publish for the Nook. In order to do that I would have to give up my KDP select membership. Unfortunately, that presents me with two problems. First, I just renewed so it wouldn't be until May or June that I could do anything. Second, if I give it up then Amazon Prime members would no longer be allowed to borrow my book. Believe it or not, that is my biggest money maker right now. Obviously I needed to find another option.
Many of the people that I know have expressed interest in having a copy of my book, but they are not a Kindle owner. Some of them do not use or own iPods or iPads either. (I know, right? There are still people like that out there?) Thinking of those old school peeps, I decided to take advantage of CreateSpace.com! Coming soon you will be able to purchase a paperback copy of A Week at the Beach from Amazon.com!
I will be honest, I am not happy with the price. In order to make a decent profit I had to price each book as $9.99. I wish it could be less, but I've got bills to pay, you know?!?!?!
How exciting though!
More details to follow!


  1. I do hope some day that you'll be able to have other electronic versions. I was lucky enough to get to read A Week at the Beach (which I LOVED), but I would really be interested in reading more of your stuff. My only problem is I have a Nook, not a Kindle. =(

  2. I have a nook too, but there are ebook converters! I loved a week at the beach and hope you will write a sequel.

  3. I uploaded the kindle app to my Android tablet and it works great. I am new to your books. I read A Week at the Beach and was hooked on your books. Then, read Second Change and Across the Pond. Love them all! On to Nuptials for Sales and There's a Sheriff in Town... Would love for you write another a sequel to all these books. Can't wait until another book comes available! I will keep checking back here for updates!