Saturday, July 29, 2017

So many Chrises...

So in my latest release Plus One my male lead is named Chris, which is not an uncommon name. It also happens to be a very popular name for some of my favorite leading male actors right now. As I was visualizing and creating this character, I tried to pull together some of my favorite features from some of the Chrises (is that even a word?) out there. Ladies, may I present to you the inspiration for one of my favorite male characters:

Chris Pine- Look at those eyes! Look at them!!!! How can you not get lost in them? Am I right ladies? You'll notice that in Plus One Chris's eyes are basically another character as I refer to them so frequently. Go ahead girls, stare at them for a few more minutes. 

Chris Evans-That smile...I mean, come on! What wouldn't you do for that smile? Like the eyes, the smile is just as important to the story. My character inherited his smile from his dad, and as his mom said "That damn smile got me into so much trouble!" Oh, I see why, Cindy. I see why...

Chris Hemsworth- I'm just going to leave that picture of his body right there and let you ladies enjoy it. You're welcome!

Chris Pratt- There is something about this guy's sense of humor that just does it for me. In the book, Chris has a way of making Mia feel comfortable and makes her laugh all the time. This guy is hilarious! He can be inappropriate, yet incredibly innocent and endearing, just like another Chris I know. Also, have you ever heard or seen him talk about his wife and son? Come on! Really? *swoon*

So there you have it, ladies. Those four men were my inspiration for the Chris that I created in Plus One. I can't get enough of him. I have to tell you, I keep going back and reading it over and over again because I find myself missing Mia and Chris. They were a lot of fun to write and I sincerely hope that you have fun reading about them.
Oh and Chris, if you're reading this...You are my favorite Chris! 😉

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